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在美国科学网http://www.sciencepub.net/academia/aa2012suppl d 学术争呜上发表月球医生小说, 《月球医生》小说荣获中国中小学素质教育研究中心颁发21世纪中国优秀科普读物称号。 2013年个人建www.haoyunjiu9.com 2013年中国社会经济文化发展研究会研究员


Cancer leukemia causes and prevention of AIDS for reference  

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Tai Chi, then the world.11

Request to immediately stop using chemotherapy for treatment of cancer and other diseases


Cancer leukemia causes and prevention of AIDS for reference  

Abstract: a person if the spirit of long-term, worry, worry, anger, grief, suffering the centripetal force of energy, mind and cellular transmission. Or the previous ancestors or sick and you pick up bad habits, eat a high fat, high protein foods. Or partial eclipse several foods, it increased the intracellular centripetal and centrifugal force pushes the frictional heating effect. Especially those high in fat, high calorie flammable or volatile substances, were destroyed by frictional heating by high temperature in the cell, which is body temperature above 37 degrees of fever burned. Also a number of small molecules, essential vitamins such as fruits and vegetables have been burned into dust particles, sedimentation in cells, cell less like an empty stomach within a shell of gas cells.

Therefore, dust particles can't deliver gas more nutritive substances to genetic replication, gene can only rotate a globular body Zhi large amount of cancer cells to reproduce. Making the reader into the other protein quality is reducing day by day, the body was weakening day by day.

Key words: cancer causes and control

"How can it be cured of cancer, science is based on data, fish living in the water they are drinking water every day, subjected to various industrial Yu Qi of hazardous substances, including their own urine and fish viruses Yu qi emission in water between them for competitive survival, war can also occur. Fish frictional heating of the body heat, cooled by water, saving about nutritious gas not been heat damaged, genes can reproduce more energy gas balls, are used to show the other features, into more Zhi good gas make your body healthier, so fish not having cancer.

A personal situation on not as has, if spirit long-term in gas, and worries, and worry, and anger, and sad, miserable of radial energy gas to head and cells in the transmission, or in with sick before and after habit bad of life habits, more eat has high fat, and high protein food, or partial eclipse several food, and people was has one-sided education, to some things of AWE heart more strength, it on constantly strengthened has cells within centripetal force and centrifugal force, this two kind of different force pushed friction fever out of heat on high. Especially those high fat and high calorie flammable or volatile substances, were destroyed by intracellular pushes frictional heating by high temperature. Is the human body a fever temperature above 37 degrees set on fire. Some basic vitamins such as fruits and vegetables was also burned into dust particles deposited on the cell, the cell is like an empty stomach might as well be in the shell of the gas cells.

Therefore, cells can not only provide dust particles to provide more nutrients to the gas gene duplication, gene replication protein quality is reducing day by day, day by day the body was weak, so that the two arms will not open.

While some increase in internal body temperature changes, like when the steel temperature by mixing different grade of steel, supplied to gene duplication. Because the gene is not a quality that can be translated into a new quality of models, gene is better or worse here it was packed out spherical cyclones College to organs throughout the body conveying, you can't let other features to show translated into advanced materials, such as small molecules and metal elements such as homosexuality evolved. Like the ancients refining immortal Dane, when people can't eat the digestive tract makes people dead. Those metals and dust particles, with renal insufficient gas flow to weaknesses of the body such as the liver. Or stuck in the genes or male testes, cells Zhi regeneration took place on the field, such as turbulence, like snowball was rolling into globular body. Is what scientists call out such as excessive, such as cancer or HIV.

    Because nature is not any material after polymerization, can make no holes at the junction and there was no hole. A globular body cavity and around the internal cavity, have spread to its internal transport, spin and turbulence, to absorb such as red blood cells and speed up its own copy, lymphatic crash to the great wall and other functions. A sphere structure formation, birth represents a function of life. System was also produced by friction pushed spin balls magnets, iron absorption, such as high levels of red blood cells to develop into a greater amount of Zhi, so that any drug will not kill it, being that it features that more HIV replication, causing harm to human life.

There is a person, usually will not pay attention to nutritional balance, and suddenly a huge mental stress and inconvenience to people about, depression thought serious, long-term sentiment sours. Unlike usual first afraid of cold sick of a fever without fever. Descendants of the spleen on the absorption and transport of fine material on pulmonary artery, including those that reduce pushing friction of blood entering the heart Center once again, this can be rotated aggregate copy into more leukocytes. When those slow radial transport of blood, or a red blood cells to reproduce in reduced, people have no more spirit. But it is not as deep under the Antarctic freezing ice fish there are no haemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood, their blood is white. Hemoglobin and red blood cells have a combination of these, which carries oxygen to tissue. But these fish live as ever just the same.

So, doctors diagnosed when you're suffering from cancer or AIDS, leukemia, you better sink breath don't be afraid to seek medical attention at an early date disease better, this is impossible. Women in particular, stubborn self-confidence and character missing something extremely heavy people, we felt it necessary to do four jobs to cope with the disease. You'll start at home recuperating, a month or two without doing any work, self and family are first summarized, those important things that make you Jing Zhong overburdened, stressful or living when his mother was pregnant, a few red blood cells to reproduce problems passed on to the next generation, to be clear, can be symptomatic treatment.

To sleep in their own bed after bed and bedroom are stacked under too much debris, and decorated special asbestos must be removed or placed neatly cleaned, and bed sheets cannot be used without disinfection, artificial cotton bedding, these are also the invisible killer. Atoms within the radiation for a long time, will interfere with the destruction of neuro-motor functions of the human body and sleep, even form heart attacks, emphysema, cancer and other diseases. You can also sleep small rooms it is best to bed a hexagon-shaped layout of the room with furniture in place, such as a bed side end on some difficult items, later along the wall hanging wardrobes, bookcases, 35 degrees in the corner office space in five cabinet formed like a hexagon. Bed on the other side in order to put up against the wall nightstands, desks, computer desks and other furniture. At both ends to use cloth to ward off the bed to block the space between the bed and hanging wardrobe so that you can better get the bio-field spin to the universe for you everyday health disease and increase longevity. (Or the bed in the room space, placed around the furniture along the walls, bio-field turbulence flow caused the universe just happened, like Egypt pyramid effect, also let it spin around you every day for your health disease and increase longevity. But Interior coolness too quickly when the wind, reduce fatique and Spondylitis of special best villiform hat to bed. UN-Habitat shelter not too hot in summer, and winter not too cold-roof buildings for housing. Air conditioning all night until dawn, easy to make universal bio-field effect for your health disease and increase longevity.

     If you are marriage, depression, may also put a concentric copper bottle gourd or knot at the end. If you are evil, head Bagua map the gate. As for fame and career events of depression, Wenchang pagoda and kept on the desk or The spread eagle soaring craft, room may also be based on what flavor do you like or like fragrance, good for indoor spraying time on the early help. Later go to the pharmacy to buy some disease-related medication, to eat like an naijin, anti-inflammatory drugs, Shikamaru, liuwei dihuang pill, tianma shouwu tablets, prolapse of jianshen Zhuang pills Chinese medicine pill and apply plaster shangshi pain relief cream, cream of Zhenjiang standby drug, to get a few yaoshu at home. But can't eat deer cold fever pills or supplements, such as traditional Chinese medicine liuwei dihuang pill, ate the diseases more seriously. Can eat the tianma shouwu tablets, prolapse of jianshen Zhuang pill pills of traditional Chinese medicine.

First, you don't mind, go about it in the past in the past, in order to create a relaxed environment, is to create vitality, with body and mind easing to reduce mental stress the system and less to these spherical gas transmission and nutrients in the body, such as cancer or HIV can not replenishing the starvation, blood out of the heart, he could reproduce more red blood cells.

Second, people will do anything for a long time to meet him, her body and mind for thinking about, or advised him to change her way of thinking, or change an environment she was pining for things to change him.

Three a day, according to the bodily sensations, insists on eating only one Chinese medicine pill every day, eat one or two and liuwei dihuang pills, later Shikamaru, or in conjunction with prolapse of jianshen Zhuang pill before eating of liuwei dihuang pill supplement the kidney energy, positive pressure hundreds of evil so ill get better. Anyway, feel comfortable to eat medicine, even doses slightly enlarge some food in 10 days at the beginning. Every 20 days or so later you can also go to reflect after taking Chinese medicines of traditional Chinese medicine and still feel uncomfortable, ask them to write some Chinese herbal medicine combined with eating, if you feel comfortable, appetite for dinner a little incense, also had some mental, they summarize doctors what to eat medicine for something to eat, do not necessarily go to the hospital for treatment.

    Four, ill play stuck to eat various essential vitamins food and vegetables, such as green tea, soy milk, cabbage, Kiwi fruit, strawberries, garlic, carrots, beans, fruits and vegetables, eat and drink mix. Drink more gravy food animal meat, eat less cooked fish left in the refrigerator for a long time left and charred meat. So eat and drink and relaxation spiritual maintenance as sea water, cool the fish inside the cell increases improve kidney Qi also lubricate, you can prevent cancer cure for cancer and other diseases. Early sick condition, can drink wine every day (but you must have full of RAI to eat not drink). Such as red wine, to increase the supply of raw materials, easy to drink but beer. Add joy to diverge out contamination of the gas, will be able to accelerate that ought, command of the aging and death of nerve cells to divide. But intensity wine drunk, will undermine the nerve cell function. So, drink drink half side down to sleep for two hours, people immediately have the moral.

Early in the illness, total bed rest will self massage every day, generally not less than 16 hours. Every time you sleep in the bed you want to self massage the lesion, and summarized that way or that a medicine is very good and how. When your main left and right side sleep quiet to relax your body with your mind, especially frail people breathe more slowly, gently, even with a short breath and relax when the lesion, allowing it more pain stick to holding my breath catch limits. Lesions inside the cell, virus or  globular body, naturally came up, such as carbon dioxide gas spin down slightly buck, also quickened the irregular, aging, and cancer cells in hypoxic priorities Division under the command of death, people feel comfortable right away. And pain in the body are reduced or even briefly disappears, blood in the heart, he could reproduce more red blood cells. (When slightly, such as carbon dioxide gas is discharged, terrific storage moves, pulling the body, that is due to the drain body to the gas. You can also let it shake the body or the head a few times, normal breathing can be done in the future. This sick not sick are ideas that are available to relax, to emit gas in the body are very important as well as inflammatory fever). If when you lie on the bed to bed clean to prevent dust inhalation nasal, in particular, to die without fear of dying is determined to, the less suffering.

   Special long time lying in bed or lying on the couch, resting or sleeping, can also be coupled with a thumb to bend his index finger poking back and forth mechanically, and relax the body when chord, usually thumb index finger back and forth mechanically bend when struck about 20 times, intracellular gas naturally came up. You go over and over again, pull the thumb for about 20 minutes or so, like cancer cells in the body, HIV is not easy to produce, sell irregular ageing but also to reduce TSE: conductor priority split cells, cancer cells, such as lack of oxygen killed immediately essential Zhong and comfort of patients. In the heart of more red blood cells and blood will be copied. Best female section II of the index finger of the right hand bend men's left hand chord, heart-healthy exercise. Bent on treating ankylosing spondylitis can cure up without the very good effect. Lie on the bed to put on a soft mattress is warm and not to cold, low little feet can also be placed on standby for stepping on the pillow, making sleep comfortable, available hands rub pain and lumbar shenshu acupoint zusanli point, ring jump, fight disease. But for heart disease can only be down to bed rest, and hard with my thumb back and forth mechanically to bend his index finger poking, only standing, doing what you can do. And with extreme caution when you hold your breath briefly relax heart. Can tachycardia, arrhythmia and put a big hurt on wet on the chest or heart pain relief cream side uncomfortable or eat some pills and can relieve heart discomfort, and even after three months of heart disease.

Or coated with cooling oil a day to the affected part of the body rub massage ten or twenty, from light to heavy.

Adhere to sing some uplifting songs a day, combined with treatment such as learning from Lei Feng a good example. Illness can also read a newspaper every day for half an hour. Or read ' Namo Amitabha ' baishibian to relax mental stress. For Buddha's Word is to relax mental stress signals.

Certainly, on not comfortable pain Department except inflammation and inconvenience posted plaster outside, also to more posted several Zhang plaster, even who pain Department posted twenty or thirty Zhang small plaster, as long as skin not itch, a week wash once bath Shi a for are has role, also available Zhenjiang cream points four copies, take a copies put in hurt wet cream middle, posted in pain Department effect more long.

If the pain is inflammation or pus treatment Medic right whenever possible usually can't touch that part (but the affected area with gauze wrapped up to protect) long thoughts Samadhi when relaxing in the most uncomfortable places, can play an anti-inflammatory pain better as soon as possible.

   If it is poor or not by conscious decision, did not sort of offence or guilty about heart disease, then by your own toast to burn incense or paper money every day, quietly said something, pray to Buddha disaster and bless God for repentance. An apology or on-site instructions clearly forgiven. Delight in doing good deeds in the future, will be able to bring those stress heart slowly relax the guilt faded. Otherwise, the memory of those people's anger will open your password, especially when critically ill, often emerging in my mind, it aggravated the condition deteriorated, suffering and dying body and mind no peace left. This should not in this life to survive.

Care about one or two troubled after more than a month later, feel more comfortable if the body or to the hospital checked red blood cell count has increased, the next stage of care in addition to the above methods, symptomatic treatment is a disease-oriented and take your medicine, not increase will not need to stay in hospital continues to rule at home. This way, you can greatly reduce the misdiagnosis, and spent lots of time and money and even say a life of risks. Under moderate increment during exercise, such as after every time I sleep every day activities, such as doing taijiquan exercises or labor to dig the soil and they run and jump, washing clothes, dancing, running, moderate, to speed up the illness, are important. When the couple bed rooms can also be more than a week that life is good for the patient relaxed in one. But also no longer work or free classes for a long time, can end without tube at home every day for treatment.

If there is one aspect that is not comfortable, you may please doctors help you guide with some new medicine. Oesophagus: Walnut leaves, eggs, chopped walnuts, and the eggs in a pan, salt and water does not come on, find a pan fried food, 3 times a day, eat well, so far. But you cannot be too impatient, General disease treatment improves on just seven or eight months was good. Complete care insist they are now forever, which is also "" Tai Chi world "" message as doing good things in the book and care to do, never recur. And diseases not mad.

    Or chat with the opposite sex, or let him or her to come to your body for more than one hour, massage beat caught rubbing massage of the back and forth a few times. (You also can sleep in bed Shang, best massage caught rubbing beat Shi gradually hand with points force, as from you shoulder at first caught rubbing beat dozens of Xia, yihou to kidney over ring jumped points Department mobile beat caught rubbing massage, received see hands on double ear and head Shang back and forth contusion and rubbing massage ten or twenty Xia, yihou followed by to double arm up beat caught rubbing massage, then sequence to double leg, and foot three in and feet Springs including throughout feet end of around, light and fast suitable beat caught rubbing massage, yihou again returned to shoulder up on body throughout again back and forth about five times massage beat caught rubbing massage, Massaged the spirit to relax the patient and do not speak. Massage also allows patients to each other, a Zhong Yue on the table within an hour to mobilize interest in time, two short Deng on the ground, his hands massage is a little, himself a little sweat is better. When the massage when you feel tired, flexible use of both hands alternately tapping catch kneading massage, massage, also for other people to relax the lesion, wash your hands with SOAP at the end. Best after rest or sleep a night's sleep. ) Which increases happiness exercise Qi activating blood circulation. Can cause nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system relaxation step-down cure.

If essential Shen patients do not eat no ' across the river ' bad fairy medicine yin, ate getting more, or even death. Because of their drug can make pH balance in the brain. May eat ' across the river ' (their master) Yam-difference of immortal cure seasonal diseases will be better. Best psychiatric hospitals treated diseases of pH balance to be ready.

In addition to SISU, invented to relax his ripples spread, and ways to improve the mental environment for exercise.

As long as you various method and drug select for you applies of seriously do or alternating practice, and note not by coolness invasion and the family sanitation, even not needed live hospital long-term or alternating sex as eat all deer pill or tianma shouwu film or six flavor beween pill, and strong waist health kidney pill, like proprietary Chinese medicines for junior material added kidney gas, and medicine Shi more drink points water, on can makes cancer disease or AIDS, leukemia ankylosing sex ankylosing spondylitis, chronic disease a years Hou slowly control live reduce disease good has, and anti-lifetime not born these bad disease. Fabian quickly by activating blood circulation and pain relieving it was to spin buck within cells, relaxation of the nervous system, as well as physical conveying new energy and breath reduces energy consumption, reduce fatique and resistance to disease.

    If the symptoms get heavy, still eat traditional Chinese medicine driving ease depression, Qi, tonifying Qi activating blood circulation traditional Chinese medicine, and to resolve intracellular conversion of metal elements in drugs and dust particles. Or nano with high viscosity, blocking HIV case in and out of small holes, making it spin parasitic ability to duplicate the energy lost, the body's movement can turn it into nutrients, or transported to the discharge out.

Do cannot errors think is virus caused cancer cells soaring, long-term used radiotherapy chemotherapy real damage has human gas movement of unified and hopeless to sick of arose was Shang, such of long-term treatment will makes gene occurred changed moved, from original of exists forms suddenly change into another a new of exists forms, is in a bit points Shang, suddenly appeared has a new gene, instead of has original gene, while put chemotherapy Shi gene inconvenience copy out cancer cells, but that new gene stopped put chemotherapy Shi, also can copy out as cancer cells,. And it is produced with energy and the relationship between the organizational structure of the body is unlikely to be coordinated, or even destroyed. Due to genes, and cancer cells are not like stars, formed by photochemical energy system structure to be copied will also be missing vitamins have been destroyed. Even a plasma state, was all the more weak and painful. If only on high fat, high protein, high calorie supplement nutritional imbalances. More causes a cancer patient spent tens of thousands of dollars, most patients within three years could not survive for a long time.

May 60% the so-called cancer, AIDS, Leukemia patients stress scared to mess radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment or first-aid disease and early death. Certainly look at innovations in science to study Tai Chi world novels, can alleviate the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy when the chemotherapy less longevity.

Well, that's why we can't afford people how to prevent and cure cancer disease is for informational purposes only. ”

Report: President Bush answer

  On be half of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.

We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.

Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House can not respond to every message.

Thank y Also in United States scientific journal academic fields. Please visit the website at http://www.sciencepub.NET/academia/aa2012suppl and click "full text of the Tai Chi world fiction

Best take a look at the latest http://flyreads.com/archive.php?aid=373198 Tai Chi fiction more innovative science content in the world. More conducive to your disease and live longer.

  Today, my scientific advice and finally ten days later, Yangzhou evening news, December 5, 2008 the newspaper United States researchers say 2nd, found that regular contact with CT scan patients increases risk of cancer rises.

Those who do not understand the problem, send mail in my email: yzscw0514@163.com

Or to my QQ number 458,669,609 to write a message, I will let you be satisfied with the answers so far. My Tablet replies slowly, looked at understanding.

As answers treatment sciatic nerve pain, it is long-term tired excessive and cold caused of, can not eat any drug and hit Lily, up as long as posted with to 40 Yuan, is a Yuan a bags of hurt wet solutions pain cream disease on good has, who waist-pain points Department are to posted a Zhang plaster,-article leg not below 8 Zhang, special upper to ring jumped lower feet Hou follow are to posted to plaster "as long as skin not itch, a week wash once bath Shi a for are has role. "Yihou daily body wearing lightweight warm clothes, feet to wearing socks, not wearing heavy of as shoes shoes. daily to more sleep in bed Shang resting, less stands. Special onset Shi bed Shang summer are to put warm some, cannot sleep Simmons and hoop bed, electric blanket easily a night to dawn with, but pain of leg Department and feet end of Department the put a hot bags. Sleep Shi leg Shang to wearing trousers, yihou will body side came sleep, pain leg put in upper, let leg knee as to chest bent Hou, such daily sleep Qian, even 1 months thought are relax resting pain Department, let neuralgia Department more pain sense limit Shi, pain Department on reduce has, or with ideas alignment pain points screen live gas relax, pain points sometimes can immediately screen live gas limit pain or immediately reduce. Scratching or beat yourself to pain points with some force to pain. But to put plaster cannot knead, just beat for pain or hurt the skin. As-well within two months, 20 days, coming to rest and keep warm.



1.http://flyreads.com/archive.php?aid=373198 Tai Chi world novel. unlock the Bagua map

Gene networks Wikipedia

ou again for taking the time to write.
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